Meet The Organisers

Zoe King

I am entering my third year at the University of Edinburgh, studying English Language and Literature – and my second year of involvement with the EU LitCon, having been on the panel of peer reviewers last year. I believe very passionately in the sharing and expression of knowledge and research; and thus the provision of a platform to do such is what excites me most about this conference. Even just learning how to peer review, and having the experience of reading and reviewing papers of an incredibly high standard has reflected well on my own work, thus I believe it is a very valuable resource for undergraduates. My preferred areas of study include poetry, explorations of subjectivity, gender politics, and Victorianism and I love the way in which English Literature overlaps so many disciplines, making it fascinating to research, read and share.

Snigdha Koirala

I am a third year English Literature student and I decided to get involved with the EU LitCon because it is an opportunity for students to push academic writing and thinking outside of classrooms and lectures, and in the process, witness the ways in which academic conferences and events operate. It is also an opportunity to collaborate with my peers, as well as the English department as a whole in new ways, and ultimately enrich my undergraduate academic experience.

Bardha Llumnica

As a third year English Literature student, I am excited to be involved with the EU LitCon for the first time this year. I am extremely interested in academia and the new writing opportunities the conference offers. I am excited about the research opportunities this conference can give, enabling new and exciting ideas to be showcased and explored. I enjoy reading Renaissance Literature, Romanticism, and Post-Modern Literature. I especially enjoy studying and comparing literature that explores culture and poltiics as well as the history behind each piece of writing.

Carissa Chew

I’m a third year English Literature and History student. I’m very keen to pursue my own studies at a post-graduate level so I believe the EU LitCon is an exciting opportunity to present original research and gain an invaluable experience of what academia is like at a higher level.

Tessa Oh